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GSK boss still paid less than science chief despite jump to £5.9m 

Emma Walmsley's salary was initially paid 25pc less than her predecessor Sir Andrew Witty

GlaxoSmithKline boss Emma Walmsley received a 20pc pay jump to £5.9m last year but still took home less than the company’s chief scientific officer.

Britain’s biggest drugmaker revealed in its annual report that Dr Hal Barron was paid £6.6m last year and got both a higher basic salary and annual bonus than the chief executive.

Glaxo said at the time of Ms Walmsley’s appointment that her remuneration was set “at a level to reflect the fact that this was her first chief executive role”.

It was set below the market rate and 25pc less her male predecessor Sir Andrew Witty after investors demanded that her salary be reduced to reflect her experience. Her annual bonus target was 100pc of salary compared…

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