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Trump says potential of UK-US trade deal is ‘unlimited’ as pound’s surge cools

Mr Trump boosted hopes of a UK-US trade deal

  • Trump ‘looks forward’ to striking UK-US deal, says ‘potential is unlimited’
  • Pound reverses gains, slips back to €1.17 versus euro
  • Vote to remove no deal triggered strongest sterling surge in four months
  • Our finances are holding up, but our political crisis just got worse
  • May’s no-deal trade tariffs are largely a theatre stunt
  • Worse off under no-deal Brexit? Go on, pull the other one, Mr Hammond

Donald Trump has called on the UK and US to strike a “large scale” trade deal after Brexit, saying that the potential of an agreement is “unlimited”.

The US president boosted hopes of a deal between the two countries by tweeting that he "looks forward to negotiating" an agreement with the UK.

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