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Pelvic floor exercises used by This Morning guest with ‘world’s strongest vagina’ revealed

A passionate mum is ­pushing the ­importance of pelvic floor exercises ­using her mind-boggling trick with a tin of beans.

After three children, Kirsty Wright, 49, said her muscles were so weak she had embarrassing accidents while running.

Now she regularly works her pelvic floor with special weighted eggs made from gemstone jade.

And she sent This Morning viewers into meltdown after ­revealing they are so strong she can lift a can of baked beans with her strong, toned vagina.

The pelvic floor is one of the most vital groups of muscles we can exercise, yet often one of the most ignored.

Your pelvic floor

Made up of layers of muscle and other tissues, they wrap like a hammock from the tailbone at the base of our spines to the pubic bone at the front.

For women, the pelvic floor muscles do the important job of cradling and supporting the ­bladder, womb and bowel.

Weakened, they can cause all sorts of bladder and bowel ­control issues.

Karen Wright being interviewed on This Morning

She can swing a can of beans from her bits thanks to incredible pelvic floor muscles

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One in three women suffers from leaky bladder issues as a result of a weak pelvic floor.

Men also have them – and can also experience problems.

There are lots of reasons ­muscles may be compromised. For women, it is often due to pregnancy.

For both sexes, age, lifestyle factors, ill health and being ­overweight can have a huge ­impact on bladder control.

As well as improving bladder and bowel functions, having stronger pelvic floor muscles can improve your sex life by­ ­increasing sensitivity.

Daily training

Just a few minutes of exercise every day can make a big ­difference – and you can do them any time, anywhere.

Dr Tracey Sims, a GP and medical director of feminine healthcare clinic Intimate You, said: “You might feel a bit ­embarrassed or silly trying the exercises at first.

The muscle group spans from the spine to the pubic bone

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“But no one will realise you are doing them.

“And the benefits of ­strengthening the pelvic floor will mean you can go about your daily life ­without any ­awkward accidents.

“You will see an ­improvement in your sex life for you and your partner too.”

Dr Sims recommends following this routine three to four times a day for at least three months to get good results…

  • Sit comfortably with your knees slightly apart. Picture yourself sitting on the toilet passing urine and trying to stop the stream.
  • Now try to tighten the muscles around your back passage, vagina and front passage and lift up inside as if trying to stop passing wind and urine at the same time. Do not squeeze your legs together, tighten your buttocks or hold your breath.
  • Squeeze each contraction for ten seconds and rest for four. Do ten of these slow contractions a time.
  • Next, do a set quick contractions, drawing in the pelvic floor, holding it for one second before relaxing.
  • Four other things you can try

  • Squeezy is an app created by NHS physios to guide you through exercises, monitor symptoms and give reminders. £2.99, iOS/Android.
  • Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System uses special cones and a set of four different weights to build up your muscle strength over time. £23.50, Boots.
  • Innovo is a non-invasive device that wraps around your thighs to stimulate weakened muscles. Suitable for men and women. £249.99, Amazon.
  • Elvie is a discreet exercise tracker that goes inside the body. An app linked by Bluetooth guides and monitors progress. £169, John Lewis.
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