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Theresa May is ‘finished’ and must ‘fall on her sword’ as price for her Brexit deal to win meaningful vote – senior aides

Bob's Telegraph cartoon for Saturday

Senior aides of Theresa May privately believe she is "finished" and may be forced to set out a timetable for her departure if she is to win the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal.

The Telegraph understands that two senior Downing Street figures believe that the Prime Minister should "fall on her sword" and announce she will quit to ensure she is able to "go with dignity".

They believe she has permanently "lost the trust of Eurosceptics" and will have to make way for a new leader after the Conservative Party conference in October.

It comes before the Prime Minister spends the weekend attempting to win over Tory Eurosceptics and DUP MPs ahead of a third meaningful vote on her Brexit deal on Tuesday….

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