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UK must use ‘hard power’ and increase ‘mass and lethality’ of Armed Forces to combat Russia and China, Gavin Williamson to say

Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary

Julian Simmonds for The Telegraph

Britain must be ready to use "hard power" and increase the "mass and lethality" of its armed forces to combat growing aggression from Russia and China, the Defence Secretary will say on Monday.

Gavin Williamson will warn the UK will be seen as "little more than a paper tiger" if it talks tough but walks away from global crises and he will make the case for military-led intervention to stand up to countries which “flout international law”.

He will announce he intends to send the UK’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth carrying two squadrons of new F35 fighter jets into the Pacific during its first mission in a move likely to spark alarm in Beijing.

Britain must show Russia and China the…

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