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What happens next now no deal Brexit is off the table? All the remaining options explained

Prime Minister Theresa May speaking during the Brexit debate in the House of Commons


Renegotiate or resign?  A second referendum or a general election ? What now for Brexit?

MPs have voted to rule out a no-deal Brexit in any scenario.

After MPs earlier voted in favour of an amendment tabled by Conservative MP Dame Caroline Spelman rejecting no deal, the Government forced a final vote to try to get it back on the table, but MPs voted 321 to 278 to finally reject it on Wednesday night. 

MPs also rejected an amendment which would have forced the Government to pursue a Brexit Plan B in which the UK would have sought a short Article 50 extension and a “mutual standstill” agreement with the EU lasting until December 2021.

While the approved motion against no deal has no legal force…

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