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Apple AirPods 2 rumoured for March release date with NEW design that stops them falling out of your ears

APPLE is reportedly working on a new pair of wireless earbuds to replace 2016's AirPods.

The so-called Apple AirPods 2 will have boosted audio, new health-tracking features, and a grippier design, at least according to a new report.

Reuters Apple's AirPods tuck into your ear and play music completely wirelessly

Rumours of a new pair of Apple AirPods have been picking up in recent weeks, as the expected Apple March event draws closer.

Despite being mocked at launch, the AirPods  have quickly become one of Apple's most popular iPhone accessories.

So it's no surprise that Apple may be working on an upgraded model – and tech blog MySmartPrice claims to have insider details.

Citing an anonymous source, the blog suggests that Apple's AirPods 2 will boast "superior audio quality" compared to the first-generation earbuds.

Alamy The headphones come with a neat charging case
Apple The headphones were mocked at first, but have now become an iconic piece of tech

But despite the boosted sound chops, the AirPods are expected to look largely identical.

However, they should have an "improved grip" thanks to a new coating on top, which is supposedly the same as the one featured on the latest Google Pixel smartphones.

It's also a similar coating to the one expected to feature on the "high-end" iPhone 11 model later this year.

The article also suggests that the AirPods 2 will feature more sensors, which will supposedly be used for new health features – like heart-rate monitoring, currently only offered by the Apple Watch.

Battery size is reportedly identical to the original AirPods, which should be battery life will be similar too.

However, the battery inside the charging case is expected to be slightly smaller compared to the current models.

Apple The AirPods charging case is expected to become slightly thicker, to support wireless charging

That's potentially because the AirPods 2 are supposed to support wireless charging, so that they can be powered up by the long-awaited AirPower charging pad.

The AirPower mat can wirelessly charge an iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch all at once – and was announced by Apple way back in 2017.

AP:Associated Press Apple's Phil Schiller announced the AirPower charging system in September 2017, but the product is yet to launch

The gadget never launched however, but is widely expected to debut in March alongside a new pair of AirPods.

Apple's new AirPods will need wireless charging coils inside to support this charging technology, hence the slight change to the case's battery.

The case may be marginally thicker as a result.

The new AirPods are tipped to come in white and black (new) colour options, and cost $200 (probably £199), up from $159 / £159.

And the AirPower charging mat is rumoured to cost $150 (probably £149), which was the price we heard from renowned Apple tipster and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman last year.

Getty – Contributor The AirPower pad will be able to charge an iPhone 8 or later, AirPods (with a new case) and an Apple Watch simultaneously

Of course, Apple hasn't actually revealed any information about new AirPods, and likely won't prior to an official announcement.

And it's impossible to verify the validity of MySmartPrice's claims, so take them with a large pinch of salt.

As always, we won't know the truth until Apple hosts a keynote later this year – and there's no telling exactly when that will happen.

We've asked Apple for comment and will update this article with any response.





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