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How to make a GIF on your iPhone – this easy trick takes SECONDS to work

WANT to make your own animated GIFs? There's now a really easy way to do it on Apple handsets.

It's all thanks to Siri Shortcuts, a new feature introduced in Apple's latest iOS 12 update for your iPhone.

Getty – Contributor Apple's new iOS 12 software makes it seriously simple to create GIFs from Burst Photos

Siri Shortcuts let you make complicated tasks much easier, even if they involve several apps at once.

It's like a much simpler version of computer programming, letting you chain together events to save you time.

You can activate them using Siri voice controls, or with a one-tap widget on the Home screen.

And using this technique, it's possible to make animated GIFs – which can then be used as memes.

GIPHY Websites like Giphy let you download pre-made GIFs, but you can make your own iPhone

How to create the Instagram photo Shortcut

First, making sure you're updated to iOS 12. If you're not, follow our simple guide on how to update your iPhone.

Next, you'll need to download the official Shortcuts app from the App Store – get it here:

  • Download Shortcuts

Then simply create a Shortcut that looks like the following:

The Sun Here's what your Siri Shortcut should look like

Alternatively, you can simply download the Shortcut itself below. Make sure you open this link in the Safari web browser:

  • Click here for Shortcut

How to create a GIF on your iPhone

First, you'll need to take a Burst Mode photo.

It takes loads of photographs really quickly – which is perfect for creating a GIF.

To do it, simply press and hold on the shutter button in your Camera app, and it'll take a series of Burst Mode photos.

The Sun You can simply press the Shortcut widget button to make your own GIF in seconds

Then you have two options.

First, you can simply say: "Hey Siri, burst to GIF" – and a GIF will be created for you.

But the easiest way is to add the Shortcuts widget to your widgets screen next to the Home screen.

A Burst to GIF button will automatically appear there, and you can simply tap that and choose the photos you want to GIF-ify.

The Sun Once you've pressed the Shortcut button, just choose the Burst Photo you want to turn into a GIF

This GIF will then be saved into your photo library.

From there, you can send it to friends, or share it on social media services that support GIFs – like Twitter.

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