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Health of Scotland’s children at risk because of a shortage of paediatric consultants, warns report

More than 80 paediatric consultants are needed in Scotland

The health of Scotland’s children is being put at risk because of a shortage of paediatric doctors, according to a “terrifying” report.

The study by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) found the paediatric workforce in Scotland is on the brink of a recruitment crisis and needs to increase the number of doctors by 25 per cent.

It urges the Scottish Government to take action, describes an extra eight posts being funded this year as a “sticking plaster”, and warns that failure to act immediately will be “to the detriment of our children both today and in the future”.

The critical report claims there has been an “incoherent and inconsistent” approach to planning for child health…

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