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Inside the ultra-private airport suites where the super rich can have hair cuts and get massages while they wait for their flights

FOR travellers who value privacy above everything else when they fly, there are now private suites where you can check in and wait for your flight without ever having to see another passenger.

And to really take the hassle out of your journey, the suite even offers a chauffeur service that will take you from the ultra-private lounge straight to your plane.

Private Suite The Private Suite is exclusively available at LAX at the moment

The Private Suite is only available at Los Angeles Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, but there are plans to open a second one at JFK Airport in New York.

Billed as a private terminal, the company says that it offers a "new gate into LAX that’s far from the traffic surrounding the airport".

There are just 13 suites on site, each with their own bathroom, kitchen area, and two-person daybed with views of the runway.

Each suite is staffed by a team of eight, who chaperone guests through to the gated compound, escort them to their suites, take them through a private security check area and even drive them from the suite, across the tarmac, right to their aircraft.

Private Suite Guests have their own kitchen area and view of the runway
Private Suite There's a private bathroom that's stocked with amenities
Private Suite You can even book in-suite treatments or get a hair cut

The service is open to anyone with passengers paying $3,500 (£2,642) for the service on domestic flights and $4,000 (£3020) for international flights.

For this fee, you can take two other passengers with you.

However, if you're planning to travel through the terminal on a regular basis, you can also sign up for membership, which costs $4,500 (£3,397) a year.

The Private Suite There's no need to queue – the Private Suite has its own security check
The Private Suite When you're ready to go, there's a chauffeur service to take you to the plane

Members have reduced usage fee of $2,700 (£2,038) for domestic flights and $3,000 (£2,265) on international flights.

But the bonus is that you get to share the experience with three other people for free, plus you can pre-order complimentary meals as well as enjoy free manicures, massages or even get a hair cut right in your suite.


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