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Kevin Maguire: Theresa May’s Brexit talks show is taking everyone for a ride

The worthlessness of Theresa May’s desperate and panicky Brexit promises is clear from what is being admitted in private, not said in public.

Gullible Labour MPs wanting to buy Mrs May’s unicorns should think again before voting for the Prime Minister’s bad faith deal.

Downing Street’s confected assurances on workers’, consumer and environmental rights won’t be worth the paper that they’re written on.

Brexit Minister Chris Heaton-Harris inadvertently gave the game away during a gathering behind closed doors with 30 business, trade union and civic society leaders at the respected Institute for Public Policy Research.

May’s letter to Corbyn mocking the Labour leader’s hostility to a potentially Brexit-saving second referendum is a PM laughing at her compromised opponent

Brexit: Families already have £1,500 LESS to spend since 2016 referendum

Intended to be a no-notes frank discussion off the record, my snout heard Heaton-Harris cutting the ground from under the feet of opposition MPs toying with selling their votes to May for a few bob.

Hardline Tory Brexit no-deal ideologues in fanatic Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group don’t object noisily to May’s proposed concessions to Labour, because once Britain is out of Europe, any commitments on jobs and other areas can be broken, explained Heaton-Harris.

“The ERG are relaxed about it because it’s domestic, so they know they will be able to change it later – and even if it’s in the agreement, there won’t be any supervision or enforcement,” the Brexit Minister told the meeting.

And he’s absolutely right.

Hardline Tory Brexit no deal ideologues include Jacob Rees-Mogg

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Membership of the European Union prevents the Conservatives abolishing employment and social protections, such as guaranteed paid holidays hated by right-wing Tories plotting Brexit.

The likes of Liam Fox, Jacob Rees-Mogg and UKIP partner-in-crime Nigel Farage dream of transforming our country into a rich man’s Treasure Island playground for the world’s elite.

Slashing taxes on the wealthy, while simultaneously eroding the rights of the many and running down already-stretched public services, would be their plans for Brexit Britain.

Shrewd Margaret Beckett, Labour’s wily former acting leader and Cabinet Minister, stated the obvious that May’s pledges are meaningless when she won’t be around for much longer.

How valueless they are is underlined by Heaton-Harris candidly conceding that a large chunk, perhaps a majority, of Tory MPs don’t intend to keep them once we leave the EU.

May’s letter to Corbyn mocking the Labour leader’s hostility to a potentially Brexit-saving second referendum is a PM laughing at her compromised opponent.

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