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Baby died after mum ‘put him to sleep with VODKA so she could go out partying’

A baby battling a viral infection died after his mum allegedly refused to let him stay in hospital for treatment – and poisoned him VODKA so he would sleep while she partied.

Mother Nadezhda Yarych reportedly gave little Zakhar the alcohol to make sure he didn’t bother her during celebrations over the holiday period.

The eight-month-old tot died in the town of Shebekino, in western Russia’s Belgorod Oblast region.

Zakhar had fallen ill and his mother then took him to a local hospital, according to reports.

Doctors then checked the baby and found he had a viral infection.

Nadezhda Yarych is said to have given her eight-month-old son vodka to put him asleep

The child’s stepfather Mikhail Yarych

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It’s believed medics wanted to keep little Zachar in overnight for treatment, but Yarych insisted on nursing the tot back to health at home.

The mother reportedly took him to the hospital four times within a week but refused to hospitalise him every time.

Sources close to the family told local media that Yarych did not want to spend the holiday period in hospital with her baby.

Zakhar eventually died from a viral infection

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According to the sources, Yarych repeatedly gave Zakhar vodka to drink to make him sleep during the week so she could party.

The youngster died on January 5. A post-mortem examination found his death was caused by a viral infection.

Police started investigating the mother and her husband, Mikhail Yarych, who is the stepfather of her baby and reportedly was aware of the situation but did nothing to help the child.

Police have not commented on the matter yet. The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been reported.

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