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‘Cannibals’ on the run after body parts of woman found near warm saucepan

Two suspected cannibals are on the run in eastern Russia after body parts of a dismembered 40-year-old woman were found, police say.

Officers discovered a warm saucepan on a cooker believed to contain the liver of the victim – and potatoes.

A headless and limbless torso was located at a rubbish dump in the port of Nakhodka.

Later the legs were also found but the head and arms of the “local woman” remain “missing”.

Police are hunting for the flat’s owner named as Sergey Moskovets, 59, who was reported to have a previous conviction for murder.

‘Scary signs’ written in blood were found on the walls, say reports.

The other suspected cannibal who has not been named by police

A second male suspect, also described as an ex-criminal, was pictured but not identified.

Local reports say the suspected “maniac cannibals” are at large in the city with a population of 160,000.

Gruesome police photographs emerged of body parts of the dismembered woman whose name was not given.

A trained police dog had led officers to the flat where the woman was killed.

“When police opened the door into the apartment, they found the liver of the dead woman boiled in a saucepan with potatoes,” said one account.

Local news agency reports said that the saucepan was “still warm” in the flat on Leningradskaya Street.

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