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Fortune teller jailed after woman spends £1,000 on advice but fails to find love

A fortune teller has been jailed for three years after a client failed to find love despite spending money on lucky advice.

The singleton, named only as S.B., spent almost £1,000 for advice from an Istanbul-based fortune teller in a desperate bid to find a suitable husband.

The clairvoyant, named as H.R., told the woman that she would draw up an astrological chart in order to help the woman find love – but insisted that her client’s path to good fortune was blocked and demanded 2,000 TRY (276 GBP) in order to free it up.

But even after the desperate woman paid the fortune teller, who was based in the Besiktas district on the European side of the city, she still failed to find the right man.

The mystic then claimed her luck was still cursed and demanded a further 4,000 TRY (552 GBP)  from the single woman.

The singleton had visited the fortune teller in a bid to find love (stock image)

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She paid up again, before eventually complaining to police when a further six months passed and she still hadn’t found a man.

The fortune teller ended up before the Istanbul 3rd Criminal Court accused of defrauding the woman of 6,000 TRY (828 GBP) by abusing her beliefs.

She was found guilty of aggravated fraud and jailed for three years.

The fortune teller appealed to the Supreme Court but the verdict and sentence were upheld.

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